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Animal Training

Group and Private Classes, Colorado Springs, CO

I am an instructor at Canine Solutions, 3318 Adobe Court, Colorado Springs, CO.   

Schedules for group classes vary.  Please go to and click on Calendar for the latest schedule.

Group classes:  

- Canine Good Citizen (Basic, Advanced, and Urban) Your dog will learn the basics in a low distraction environment then progress to hardware stores, hotels, banks, fire stations, and downtown settings.

- Pet Dog Obedience.  Classes start in our training facility then graduate to city parks and businesses.

- Trick Classes.  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer, and Elite Performer for AKC and up to Champion level with  'Do More With Your Dog' (DMWYD). Trick classes are great for shy dogs.

- Freestyle (Dancing with your Dog!). You will learn how to train simple to advanced behaviors.

- Rally-FrEe.  This rally-type format uses Freestyle moves at each sign.

- Challenge Class.  Only for committed trainers who want to learn how to train challenging behaviors.

Specialized training for:

- Helper Dog.  

     -- This class is designed for owner-trained service dogs. 

     -- It is also suitable for anyone who will be recovering from surgery (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.) and would like their dog to learn specific task behaviors. 

     -- It focuses on task training for behaviors specifically tailored for the disabled owner. 

     -- This class includes information on ADA rights and responsibilities. 

- Obedience for Service Dogs.

- Obedience for Emotional Support Dogs.

- Deaf or hearing-impaired dogs.

Reactive Dog Classes:

-  This class teaches a dog how to respond, not react. Typically a private session.

-  No coercive methods are used.

-  There is no overnight solution for a reactive dog.  Owners must be committed.

Private training sessions:  anything can be covered in a private session:  tricks, Freestyle moves, manners, loose leash walking, or behavior management.  Whatever you'd like to work on.

Rabbit Hopping (competitive) and Rabbit Agility:  training is available for rabbit owners who would like to have even more fun with their rabbits.  Group or private. Excellent for 4H groups!

Chicken training:  Yep!  If you really want to improve your skills as a dog trainer, try training a chicken.  Go ahead and laugh... but your eyes will be opened when you try this. BYOC.

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