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Canine Training and Behavior   

Animal Training

Would you like to take your dog anywhere with you?                                                                   

Training, experience, and confidence are the keys to developing a good canine companion.  Do you want your dog to behave well in settings such as the home, a hardware store, a hotel, an outdoor restaurant, walking downtown, or while visiting an assisted living facility?  Then this training is for you!

Examples of some of the behaviors trained:

  • Greeting people politely

  • Loose-leash walking in different settings

  • Impulse control and reactions to the unexpected
  • Settling on a mat or in a crate

  • Sit, Down, Stay, and Recalls

  • Riding in a car, bus, and elevator

Training begins in an area with very few distractions to teach foundation skills.  Once those skills are in place, we introduce the dog to more complex environments to build their confidence.

The training program follows the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen program (basic, advanced, and urban dog training) and testing is available for those interested in earning a title. 

In addition, you will learn useful skills and techniques on how to deal with the unexpected when you are out in public.

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Dog training, animal training