Positive training gets positive results

Canine Training and Behavior   

Animal Training

Would having a well-mannered dog bring more harmony to your home?

Day Training is an in-home service where I train your dog for you then show you how to maintain those behaviors.  I focus on basic obedience and manners that are best suited for your home.

  • Greeting people

  •  Loose-leash walking

  • Impulse Control (entryways, doorbells)
  • Settle on a mat

  • Sit, Down, and Recalls

  • Crate training

We start with an initial consultation that takes 60-90 minutes.  In the initial consultation we outline your goals and a set up a timeline for training.  No training is done during the initial consultation.

Once we have our training plan, I will train your dog three days a week then meet with you on the fourth day to show you how to maintain those behaviors.

Typically it takes three weeks to achieve basic training goals. 

For an appointment call 719-499-8294 or email [email protected]

Positive training gets positive results